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International Relations Careers

Careers in Politics, Diplomacy, Culture, Development and Academia

--Sticky Post--
Please read, comment and contribute to this community - it's run by people who visit like you!

Embassy websites
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Beginning with information - you could use this to get ahead of everyone with the jobathon. The smartest one hired needs to be the fast too!

I will post links directly to jobs page soon, along with more embassy websites as I find them. Some have websites but these are irrelevant to jobseekers - be back soon with more!

High Commission of Australia in New Delhi, India
Czech Republic
Embassy of The Czech Republic in New Delhi, India
Canada High Commission, New Delhi, India
Embassy of China in New Delhi, India
~Embassy of Denmark in New Delhi, India~

Go directly to the Vacancies page
Embassy of France in New Delhi, India

Embassy of Japan in New Delhi, India
Embassy of Mexico in New Delhi, India
Embassy of The Netherlands in New Delhi, India
New Zealand
New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi, India
South Africa
High Commission of South Africa in New Delhi, India
Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi, India
High Commission of The United Kingdom in New Delhi, India
Embassy of The United States of America in New Delhi, India

About Us - Launch!
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This community blog  is a collection of relevant and valuable information for people looking to get a degree in International Relations or recent graduates looking for career options.

The simple aim is to be a sort of wiki - the best, most reliable source of background information, jobs and study related to International Relations (and by some extension to Politics as well).

Rules/ Principles:

- Accurate, verifiable information. I will put up reliable sources where applicable, and I will specifically mark information as "Word of Mouth" when I feel it isn't trustworthy enough. Since I have a personal stake, you can count on this one at least!

- Help for all by all. This is a community-based blog so that everyone can post without getting moderator approval. Since I don't want to spend my time moderating instead of adding value to the blog, I will be moderating only new users' posts for spam. All other posts are only reactively moderated. (Reactive moderation= all posts are automatically approved until someone objects to them.)
Personal career counselling/questions: Careers in IR are varied as they are hard to quantify into groups since IR spreads over several fields. I'll try my best to look for answers to your questions, but I can't guarantee something will always be found

- This began as a personal depository of information I created for myself so that I can access it anywhere. I am constantly updating it and is free for all to view. The community welcomes well-intentioned and accurate contributions and suggestions for the blog since the community's primary purpose is visitor oriented - so it will not necessarily reflect my personal views. Information that is relevant to me (and should be helpful to you too) will figure most prominently. This will also ensure that information remains non-partisan and unmoderated for as long as possible.

Occasionally, opinions, articles news of various events will be added - which you are welcome to debate on.
Subjects of particular interest which will frequently show up: Politics in India, USA, Scotland and Ireland, South Korea, minoritarian identities, Asian popular culture, international films and book reviews. I don't claim to know a lot about these subjects but I 'm hoping to learn by sharing what I know and what I find out.


About the blogger: A recent postgraduate in IR from Warwick, I'm currently jobhunting and looking for ways to get experience. My dream is to be able to do a PhD (not with my own money hopefully) and to work for a diplomatic mission in the capacity of a cultural affairs specialist. This blog is what I have found browsing through thousands of websites as well as books, magazines and seminars in pursuit of my master's degree.